Allweiler AS

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Allweiler AS, Norway, pumps for all marine applications. Every ALLWEILER brand is backed by a promise to our customers that, as every brand brings together different pumps, they consistently hold one thing in common: each pump will be ideally suited to the needs of an industry or a particular application. When you decide to use an ALLWEILER pump, you are getting the best possible solution for your pumping needs. 


Daglig leder Michael Gaiser (f 1968)
Styrets leder Sumit Mehrotra (f 1976)
Styremedlem Michael Gaiser (f 1968)
Styremedlem Matthias Probian (f 1966)
Styremedlem Markus Latz (f 1977)
Revisor Ernst & Young AS
Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


  • Michael Gaiser
  • Gabor Erik Valo
Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


Navn Ant aksjer Andel
Allweiler Ag 72500 100%
Sist oppdatert 2018