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Norsk Analyse AS is a worldwide provider of turn-key analytical solutions for the process industry. Having in the last years expanded international business operations, we are now present in six countries - our main office based in Tønsberg, Norway, with subsidiaries located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Trinidad and Turkey. Our unmatched analytical expertise and process knowledge, accumulated through 25 years of experience, ensures that your specifications are met with the best technical, commercial and operational results.


Daglig leder Tor Erik Sannum (f 1972)
Styrets leder Claus Bernhard Nielsen (f 1969)
Styremedlem Anders Helge Claeson (f 1956)
Styremedlem Tor Erik Sannum (f 1972)
Revisor Kpmg AS
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Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


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