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Maskinveien 9, 4033 Stavanger

Covering the entire life span of our clients’ assets, OneSource is a leading service provider worldwide for oil, gas, renewable and marine. With experienced and well-trained multidiscipline personnel, well-maintained equipment and products of the best quality, we deliver projects and solutions according to our strict internal requirements of always being on time, on budget, with zero incidents. OneSource’s employees are permanent employees, who undergo both internship and re-certifications to maintain the necessary standard needed to safely perform multidisciplinary projects.


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Marius Marker
Sales Director
Tom Magne Schei
Kilde: Proff

Offisiell foretaksinformasjon

  • Juridisk navn: ONESOURCE AS
  • Org nr: 921 365 616
  • Selskapsform: Aksjeselskap
  • Daglig leder: Tom Magne Schei
  • NACE-bransje: 46.750 Engroshandel med kjemiske produkter
  • Adresse: Maskinveien 9, 4033 Stavanger
  • Postadresse: Maskinveien 9, 4033 Stavanger
  • Registrert i foretaksregisteret: Ja
  • Registrert i MVA: Ja
  • Registrert i NAV aa-registeret: Ja
  • Registrert i frivillighetsreg.: Nei
  • Stiftelsesdato: 14.08.2018
  • Registreringsdato: 18.09.2018
  • Antall ansatte: 7
  • Aksjekapital: 250 000
Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


Onesource AS inngår i et konsern med totalt 2 selskaper.


Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


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