Silva Entrepeneur

Org nr 917 927 634

I am from South Africa, With a background in Paint products, Wood working and house construction. I moved to Norway 2 years ago, and have completed a number of Projects. These Projects included Complete renovations, flooring installations, wooden floor refinishing, tileing, electrical preparation, and underfloor heating installations. I am looking forward to continue working in Norway, providing my Clients With the best possible finished Product, " ON TIME ON BUDGET" Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free quotation.


Kilde: Proff
Smestadveien 6G, 0376 Oslo Expand

Offisiell foretaksinformasjon

  • Juridisk navn: SILVA ENTREPENEUR
  • Org nr: 917 927 634
  • Selskapsform: Enkeltpersonforetak
  • Innehaver: Rogerio Paulo Da Fonseca E Silva
  • NACE-bransje: 74.101 Industridesign, produktdesign og annen teknisk designvirksomhet
  • Adresse: Smestadveien 6G, 0376 Oslo
  • Postadresse: Smestadveien 6G, 0376 Oslo
  • Registrert i foretaksregisteret: Nei
  • Registrert i MVA: Ja
  • Registrert i NAV aa-registeret: Nei
  • Registrert i frivillighetsreg.: Nei
  • Registreringsdato: 08.11.2016
Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene


Kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene